A few common questions and answers...

Q: How far will you travel?

A: I generally work within 1 hour of Chester but I can travel further. We just build an element of travel time and expense into the quote. I have been as far as Rome on a job!

Q: Do we need to feed the photographer on a wedding or other event?

A: No! I'm always fully loaded with energy drinks and snacks so I'm fine. But I never say no to good food... ;-)

Q: What if my children are 'playing up' on our day?

A: Kids will be kids and they have good and bad days. With my portrait sessions, if it turns out to be a 'bad' day then we just reschedule and try again. No extra charge.

Q: Do you do any post processing?

A: Yes, every photograph. There are a lot of mixed views on post-processing but key is to start with a great photograph that captures the moment and is technically good. I then enhance it to make it look as good as possible. This includes:

1. Removing blemishes or distracting objects

2. Applying a small amount of skin smoothing (modern cameras show everything!) but never to the point where a photograph looks fake

3. Applying other effects like black & white conversion, cropping the picture, etc.

Q: Do you have a standard price list?

A: No. I tailor every price based on your exact requirement. No two events are the same. Just email me for a quote...

Q: How much do you charge to reprint photographs?

A: Nothing! The photographs are 100% yours - you own the masters! You get a copy of the files on CD or DVD and they are always available online in your private gallery to download. This applies to all your friends and family too.

Q: Can I change the password on my online gallery?

A: You can't...but I can! Just contact me and I can change the password for you. You can even have different passwords on each gallery you own.

Q: Do you do gift vouchers or can I buy a photo shoot as a gift?

A: Absolutely. Just get in touch and we can discuss your requirement. Once the lucky recipient has their gift then I'll arrange everything else about the photo shoot directly with them.
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